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Sunday, June 10, 2012

LYRICS Conejo - Burn A Bridge Or Two

Verse 1:
Get Busy For The Game
Mack-11 Is Here
Your Defense Get Blitzed
And I'll Spit On A Shield
All Black House Slippers
White Tee & A Hoody
501 Cut Offs
Eye On Everything Moving
Gold Ring
On The Trigger Finger
Ese 2 Yellow Diamonds
I'm A Libra Symbol
That Bogart Tracks
I Give No Room
We Could Go Back & Forth
But You'll Be Dead Soon
I Straight Go In
Like Receiving A Load
Then Its Me In The Kitchen
Cooking Pies On The Stove
I'm All Alone
Its A Ghost Town Roll Up
In Other Words
Your Ass Get Tore Up
I Nickel & Dime
I'm Pushing The Line
I Hang All Day
Like A Fucken Sign
And I'm Strapped
With The K
I Got No Feelings
That's What They Say
Raw Life
That's My Verses
Rasta Man Break Bread
Or Your Leaving In Hearse's
Is What It Read
And You Already Know
Of What The Blocks In Need
Its Where The Fiends
Itch For A Fix
And Them Ratchet Ass Bitches
Homie Fiend For A Dick
The Watch Swiss
All White K Swiss
Witness Got Scared
And The Case Dismissed
I Got Paper
In My Pockets
Dog 3 - 5 - 7
Ese Let Off Rockets
No Bifocal
Its Gucci Loco
Ese Henny On My Breath
And I'm Sniffing Coco
I Laugh At Your Threats
I Write The Real
Biographical Shit
When I Flow I Kill
I'm Razor Sharp
Even Though I'm Wanted
You A Roach Motel
So How The Fuck You Want It?
I Swing Past The Block
The Side Walk Full
There's 30 In The Clip
All I Do Is Pull
I Don't Give A Damn
When I'm Jacking For Beats
You Know What It Is
When I Bang In The Streets
Ese Bizak
Had To Climb In The Booth
You Already Gone
What You Planning To Do?
You Wanna See Me?
You Afraid To Look
bbbrrrraaapppp Go The Mac
I Burn A Bridge Or Two

Oldie Plays: The Escorts - Look Over Your Shoulder

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