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Thursday, July 12, 2012

LYRICS Conejo - The Sur is One Blood

Verse 1 (64 Bars):
There's A War
With The Bloods And Crips
It Get Racial In The Streets
I'm A Let Off A Clip
Cause This Is For The Brown (Pride)
R - A - Z - A
I'm A Show You Muthafuckers
How Them Dodgers Play
Cause I'm A Rep L.A.
I'm A Rep O.C.
I'm A Rep 805
I'm A Rep S.D.
Ese I'm A Keep It G
And Smash All Them Flees
Catch A Case In The Process
But I'm Known To Flee
Chi - Town - N.Y.
Know Them Trucks Is Loaded
Ese Open Up The Stash
And Slowly Unload It
Then Pack Up The Cash
In My Bitches Lexus
Do It 20 Times Over
This A Straight Out Message
You Fuck With Me
I'll Put A Hit On Your Ass
I'll Pay 5 Of Your Boys
From Your Hood To Blast
Then Smoke Em
And Get My Money Back
Ese Flip With My Stacks
Ese All In The Trap
Cause I'm From Harpys!
By The Rolling 20's (NHB)
Muthafuckers Know Whats Up
With That Dead End Money
And Harlem 30's
Get Buried On Denker
Cause The Big H Gang
Run Shit In The Sector
Old Western
Old English And Blocks
Ese Decorate The Hood (27st)
At The Hangout Spots
Sling Rocks Boy
Like I'm Slinging Ink
Ese Fuck High Cowards
And Them Soldiers In Pink
Ese Muthafuckers Shrink
Like Some 501's
When They Hear C - O - N
Drove Up With Guns
I Toke A Ton (AZ)
And Then I Smoke Some More
Ese Capone-E's 2 Sisters
Became My Whores
The H Ran A Train
Then Shot Them Back
With Them Hairy Ass Cunts
Armpits And Backs
On Tour
Up In Every Hood (Southern California)
Cause When I Spit That G
Vatos No Whats Hood
So Then I Roll Through L.A.
And This Is What I See
Ese Territorys Deep
Full Of West Side G's
With A On Going Beef
That Bring Death To The Street
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Whole Car Got Heat (West Side Car)
East Siders
White Fence And Flats (Primera & Cuatro)
Ese East L.A. Trece
V.N.E. Got Straps
It's Like That Fool
You Cant Fuck With That!
Cause The Gangs In My City
Put A Whole In Your Back
Toonerville - Frogtown
And The Avenues
43rds And The C's
What You Gonna Do?
You Better Run Lil Punk
Or Bust That Gun
Muthafucker Hesitate
And His Ass Is Done
Pomona 12 And Basset
EMF And Puente
Azusa And Lomas
In The Streets It Get Hectic
Ese Norwalk And Chivas
And Them Pico Viejo's
I Said The Real O.G.'s
Know Whats Up With Conejo
I Stay Smashing Dog
Through Them Southside Blocks
Ernie G In The Cut
4-5 In The Truck
I Gives A Fuck
I Know You Know Whats Up
With Florence - 38
And All Them Barrio's In Watts
Compton Varrio 7 - O's
La Tres And Flats (CV Tortila Flats)
RSP And The Wilmas
Always Been On The Map
Always Been In The Trap
Slanging That Crack
Ese Cooking The Meth
Ese Cutting That Black (Heroin)
Them Pacoima's And Blythe
Them San Fer - Canoga's
Them 818 Gangs
Put Your Ass In A Comma
They Rock It All Up
And Spit A Zone At A Time
Ese Ghetto Millionaires
From Just Nickels And Dimes
F Troop - Del High
From The Orange County
Verdugo I.E.
Barrio Logan S.D.
Gang Wars
You Could Die From One
But When We In The System
The Sur Is One Blood !

To All The Barrios I Didn't Mention
Stay The Fuck Up!
The Gangs Of L.A. Will Never Die.

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