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Saturday, August 11, 2012

LYRICS Stomper (Soldier Ink) - Struggling Again

Verse 1:
Life's A Struggle
Living In This Land Of Troubles
Walking In This World
All Alone When No One Loves You
I Been Giving It My Best
But This Life's A Test
My Life's A Mess
Got Me Stressed
Ain't No Place To Rest
I Keep A Bullet Proof Vest
On My Chest
Times Are Hard
Even Scandalous
But I Know
That My Life Was Blessed
My Money's Funny
I Ain't Running From These Fuckin' Pigs
So Hard To Live
Nothing To Give
To These Little Kids
My Heart Is Big
All Began In The Town I Live
The New Town
So Bow Down To The New Pick
It's So Sick
I Ask God To Keep My Family Safe
Please Lord
Don't Let My Kids
Grow Up In This Place
Cause I Can't Stand
To See My Seeds Bleed
Growin' Up So Rough, So Tough
In This World Of Greed
The Southeast Is Where You're Fine
Put The Past Behind Me
But Gotta Keep On Grinding
It's Not Sane All The Games
That My Homies Play
I'm Trying To Show' Em
That There's Got To Be A Better Way
Cause We Were Brought Up In The Hood
But You Can Never Trust A Bitch
And A Snitch Is No Fuckin' Good

Dear Lord
Dear Lord, Dear Lord
Why Am I Struggling Again?
Why Am I Struggling?
Why Am I Struggling?
How Can A G Ever Win?
I Can't Win
Why Can't I Win God?
Why Am I Struggling Again?
Why? Why? Why? Why?
All That I Need Is A Friend

Verse 2:
My Best Friend
Past Away A Long Time Ago
These Southeast Streets
Turned Me Into An Animal
I'm Like A Cannibal
Split Domes Like A Cantaloupe
I Miss My Homies
And I Just Can't Let 'em Go
Because I Love 'em
So Enemies I Rub Em
Off The Face Of Earth
I Just Laugh & Say Fuck' Em
And Lord Knows
I Was Hard On My Lil Homies
Nothing But Bars
And Scars For My Lil Homies
Big Chinyar In The Pen
I Could Feel Your Pain
And I Love You Dog
Stay Strong
Cause The Game Won't Change
Lil Vago Where You At Homie?
Big Trigger - Big Stalker
Damn I Feel Lonely
Fuckin' Phonies
Trying To Take Your Place
Talk Shit Behind My Back
And They Smile In My Fuckin' Face
My Homie Grumpy Upstate
Behind The Fence
Young Gun - Lil G
I'll See You All Again

Dear Lord
Dear Lord, Dear Lord
Why Am I Struggling Again?
They Got Me Struggling
They Got Me Struggling
When Will The Pain Ever End?
When Will It End Lord?
Why Won't It End?
Why Am I Struggling Again?
Why? Why? Why? Why?
When Will I Pay For My Sins?

Verse 3:
I'm Trying To Pay For The Trouble
That I Caused You Lord
But Tell Me Why You Never Came
When I Called You Lord
Can't Take No More
Devil's Knockin' At My Door
A Pack Of Chronic
But I Know He's Coming For My Soul
I Say A Prayer
Hope It Reaches The Lords Ear
The Pictures Clear
All I See Is Demons Everywhere
Fuck It
I Grab My 45 & Tuck It
Haters On My Dick
24/7 Steady Sucking
I Keep My Head Up To The Sky Though
They Told Me Not To Question You God
I'm Askin' Why Though?
I Got A Bible
I Struggle For Survival
I Can't Lie Though
I Murdered All My Rivals
My Homies Told Me
Keep My Enemies Close To Me
Tired Of Losing All The People
That Mean The Most To Me
From Elementary To The Penitentiary
My People Struggle
Through A Quarter Of This Fuckin Century

Dear Lord
Dear Lord, Dear Lord
Why Am I Struggling Again?
Why Am I Struggling God?
Why Am I Struggling?
My Whole Worlds In A Spin
I'm In The Struggle
When I'm In Trouble
Why Am I Struggling Again?
Why? Why? Why? Why?
Why Is It So Hard To Live?

Verse 4:
So Hard To Live
In The City Where There's No Pity
Attitude Shitty
But She's Got Them Big Ass Titties
With The Ass To Match That
A Bitch Made Vato
Go To Hell & Back To Tap That
And I See She's Just A Tramp
Gobbling Up Dick
And Licking My Nuts
Like A Fuckin' Stamp
But Its Just A Trap
I Ain't Going Out Like That
Fuck A Kidnap
I'ma Peel This Fuckin' Bitches Cap
Cause All My Life
I Just Wanted Love
But Ended Up Spilling Blood
With My 12 Gauge Slug
Trying To Find Some Peace Of Mind Now
Bullets Fly Now
Bitch Look Me In My Fuckin' Eye Now
And Now I'm Out
Like A Thief In The Midnight
Please Lord Forgive Me
Cause I Just Wanna Live Right
Cause All My Life
I've Been Missing Something
Peace, Joy, Happiness, Love
You Gotta Give Me Something

Dear Lord
Dear Lord, Dear Lord
Why Am I Struggling Again?
Why? Why? Why? Why?
Tell Me What I Have To Give?
What Do You Need God?
What Do You Need!?
Why Am I Struggling Again?
Why Must I Struggle?
Why Must I Struggle?
Please Lord Just Don't Let Me Slip
Don't Let Me Slip
Don't Let Me Slip

Why Must Our Blood Always Drip..
Sit With My Gun And My Clip

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