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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

LYRICS Conejo - Baby Are You Still Down

Intro Dialogue:
This Right Here
Is For The Next Love Of My Life
Even Though
I Don't Know You Like That
I Got You All In My Mind
You Think I'm Crazy
You Probably Right
A Lil Crazy
I'm Just Looking For That One
And I Chose You
So Don't Worry About Nothing
I Got It All Covered
From All Angles
So Just Give It Some Time
Yeah ' Just Give It Some Time
I'm Sure We Could Make It Work

Verse 1:
Let Me Get Your Coat
You Rocking Louis Vuitton
And Every Time I Could
I Wrote You A Song
We Met A While Back
Haven't Seen You For Months
I'm On Some Art Laboe
Right Here Twisting A Blunt
Its Just Me
This What You Get
A Young O.G.
With Game Like A Vet
Its No Sweat
I Know You Liking My Style
If You Hang For The Trial
I'll Make It Worth Your While
Its A Natural High
Being By Your Side
In Your Gucci Hand Bag
You Could Hold My 9
No Lie
Be My Partner In Crime
And I Ain't Even Tripping
It Could Be Part Time
And If My Heart Could Speak
It Would Say These Words
Baby You Equal
To A Hundred Birds
I'm Think What Should I Say
To Get You In The Mood
And Make You Stay
It Is What It Is
I Like Your Cristian Dior
And Spending Time With You
Is Like Never Before
Cause We Explore
How We Feeling And Shit
This Ain't Counterfeit
This The Real And Legit
Why Stop
I Know They Gossip Alot
But It Don't Really Matter
People Always Gonna Talk
We At Our Spot
Watching The Rain
We Sitting In My Car
Up Under The Shade
Baby You Got It
Como Brenton Wood
I Like Them Oldies
Cause They Make You Hold Me
Now You Know Me
And What I'm All About
Its With You To The Fullest
With Out A Doubt
So Don't Break Your Promise
That You Made
Forget About My Case
And The Raids
I'm Here To State
That You Part Of My Plans
So If Everything Go Right
Then This Thing Gonna Last
Stay In My Corner
And Show Me How
Exactly How You Do It
Right Here And Now
Your Fendi Boots
Look Sexy On You
I Went Out Of Town
And I Flew You Too
Lets Stay Together
Like Al Green Say
I Got You Hypnotized
A Mysterious Way
With No Delays
You Know I Took Her Away
And She Was Alright
With My Gangster Ways
So Tell Me
This A Dream Somebody
I Got Her At My Crib
Laying Next To The Shotty
She Acting Naughty
But Thats O.K.
You Wanna Take Your Ropa Off
Like Bugsy Say
We Got Back
To Where It All Began
I Could See It In Her Eyes
That She Understand
No More Classes
School Is Out Of Session
And Going After You
Became An Obsession

Outro Dialogue:
Now You See What I'm Talking About
Actually Its Kind Of Simple
Me You And We Don't Need Nobody Else
You Feel Me
So After Everything I Said
I Just Wanna Know
Are You Still Down
I Thought So
Lets Go
We Got A Plane To Catch
Hasta Nunca
The Mixtape Classic

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