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Monday, June 4, 2012

LYRICS Conejo - My Shit Is Classic

Shout Out To All The Varrios On The West Side
Shout Out To All The Varrios On The East Side
Shout Out To All The Varrios On The South Side
Shout Out To All The Varrios On The Valle
San Fernando, San Gabriel
The L.A. County Riders Deep Up In This Muthafucka
That's Right
(Oldie Plays: The Persuaders - Thin Line between Love & Hate)

C-Mack 11
Musica Asesina - Notorious Enemy Records

Verse 1:
What Make A Classic
Is When You Bring It Raw
Snort So Much Dope
That It Lock Your Jaw
And Regardless
Your Arsenal Of Words
Homie Reach Muthafuckas
Slanging D On The Curb
Life Taker
Predict The Conflict
Strategy Been Deep
For This West Side Convict
I'm A Comet
Bout To Hit Your Planet
Extinct From The Records
You About To Vanish
Dues Been Paid
And You A Mirage
The Ink Always Here
Like A Prison Collage
So Catch A Body
And Get A Rep
When Your Veins All Gone
You Could Shoot In Your Neck
Ese Victory's Mine
But You All Know That
I Over Throw Labels
Saying They Control That
Hold That
Fucken Thought
While I Serve Another Fiend
80 Worth Of Rock
A Street Type Lesson
About The Feria The Cash
You Run With The Money
We Gonna Catch You And Blast
I Get Crazy Holmes
With The Illest Of Crimes
Killing Ballers For The Dollars
I'm Just Out Getting Mine
I Snake Em Then I Take Em
And Trap Em In Nets
The Homie Said Bet
Everything Was Set
A Mystical Psychic
That's Busting Your Shit
I Greet Em With The Pistol
And I Make Em Submit
Mad Chaos
So I Pack My Piece
Its Fuck The Police
To Mack 11 Deceased
A Squad Of Felons
Could Have You Ruined
Cause Living Like You Do
Will Get You Wounded
And Me
I Keep Busting My Steel
I Represent Like I Should
But You Knowing The Deal
So Word To Bandit
Venom & Bugz
Next Time That I See You
Its Alcohol And Drugs
So Tell Them Bitches
They Can't Compete
I'm Vital To The Game
That's Just The Way It Be
I Metaphorically Off You
I Flip And Dip
Get Back To The Mansion
And Bury My Grip
Now Gather Around
I Manifest A Rime
Ese Hustle Full Time
Stay In My Prime
You're Playing Yourself
Trying To Come Off Real
Ese Throw On Some Drums
And You'll Face An Ordeal
Ese Raised Like An Aztec
So I Pray To The Sun
Wars Get Won
Now Pass The Blunt
So Take A Good Look
As I Inject These Thoughts
Into Your Mind
And Into Your Block
And Into The Spot
Where You Embark On A Journey
Black Magic Voodoo
On Prosecuting Attorneys
That Try To Burn Me
There's So Much Envy
Everything Unravel
So The World I Travel
A City Savage
I Seen It All
The County Jail Crazy
It Got Blood On The Wall
Soy Prisionero
So Don't Come Close
Muthafucka Nodding Out
Suicide Drug Dose
My Hoe Is Perfect
I Got A Perfect Hoe
The Sound Profound
From A C-Rock Flow
So Here We Go
Its Time To Subtract
These Wack Ass Lames
In The Way Of My Stacks
The Sinister Beats
You Know Who Make Em
Musica Asesina
I Just Fucken Drape Em
So Through The Darkness
I Bring It Right
My Rivals Get Snipped
Caught Up In The Hype
Don't Try To Bite
My Steez Make You Freeze
Misdemeanor Rap Albums
Won't Make No Cheese
You Get Captured
And Put To Death
West Side Guillotine
Dead End Tat On My Chest

Yes, This Right Here What I'm Talkin About
That Real MC Shit
No Faking On The Mic

Classic - My Shit Is Classic
Everything About It
Make You Wanna Blast It
When You In The Street
Something About The Lyrics
Something About The Beat
That Make It Classic
Compared To The Others
Muthafuckas Try To Start
But It Don't Sound Gutter
They Need To Quit
And Study My Disc
And Get Up In The Lab
And Come With Classic Shit

(Goodfellas Scene)
(Oldie Plays: Lost Generation - The Sly, Slick, and The Wicked )

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