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Thursday, June 7, 2012

LYRICS Conejo - That's Right Big Pimping

(The Mack Movie Dialogue)

Verse 1:
They Call Me C-Mack 11
This Is Felony Case
Smooth Muthafucka
When I Enter The Place
To The Back Of The Room
My Usual Table
White Wine, A Cigar
A Full Line Of Some Caine
Its A Shame Though
That Fine Bitch With A Sucka
I Made The Connection
Now I'm Fixing To Fuck Her
Shook That Foo
Now She Dancing For Me
She A Blonde Puerto Rican
Wanna Get With A G
Let's Roll
I Wanna Show You My Bed
Before We Got Home
She Was Giving Me Head
As We Got To The Room
I Put On Some Tunes
I Threw On Some Dramatics
Now She Wanna Get Spooned
I Was All Up In That Shit
From Night To Noon
And All I Could Say
That The Pussy Was Good
I'm A Killer
I Ain't Never Simpin
Notorious Style
So I Stay Big Pimpin'

That's Right

(The Mack Movie Dialogue)

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