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Thursday, June 7, 2012

LYRICS Conejo - They End Up Losing

Verse 1:
I Shut It Down
And Get Rid Of The Burner
White Snow In The Apartment
Got Me Lacing The Corner
Its A Risk
For The Cynical Mind
Daily News Always Speaking
About The Rise In Crime
They Wanna Take Our Freedom
And Put Us In Jail
They Might For A Second
But They'll Never Prevail
This Hell
I'm In A B-Boy Stance
No Break Dancing
I'm Just Taking A Chance
Hoes Prance
Till Their Back Blown Out
Theirs No Romance
I'm Just Fucking Her Fast
Roll Out
On A Sleepless Night
Whole Blunt To Myself
Now Thats A Flight
I Hold Grudges
They Ain't Fucking With Me
Its A 1 - 8 - 7
That Reign Supreme
Know What I Mean?
Its What I Became
Ese Roam With The Ratchet
On The Rivals To Reign
The Neighbors Smelled The Weed
From Blocks Away
They Know What Its About
C-Loco Insane
So Watch It
Cause The Game Been Shaky
Its Filled With Them Struggles
All The Feds Wanna Take Me
Its Official
I'm Already The King
ANd I Don't Give A Fuck
Get A Poisonous Sting
I'm A Bring
Brass Knuckles & Knives
And Go Deep Cover
Just To Kill Em On Sight
Ese Lincoln Town Coupe
And A Fleetwood Caddy
Muthafuckas Got Smoked
Coming Out Of The Alley
Thats How I Do
I'm A Get At Them Same
You Don't Understand
But It's Called Survival
They'll Revive You
If You Lucky As Fuck
But If They Late 30 Seconds
Time TO Hang Up The Chucks
Four Trucks
Of Active Bangers
Ese All Up In Your District
And It Spell Disaster
I Gots To Blast You
I'm A Master Of War
So If Its Get Money
Then Its Time To Extort
Your Best Hope
You In A Nuclear Bunker
I'm A Merchant Of Death
That Physically Punk You
Legal Entry
To Give Birth To A Son
In A Unfriendly Place
Full Of Drugs & Guns
Stay Out My Way
The First Thing I Learned
And The Fucking P.D.
Is Of No Concern
My Only Dream
Was By Any Means
To Rise Through The Ranks
And Get This Green
A Street Thug
A Professional Con
Thats Fucking Twin Sisters
And He's Writing A Song
Ese Body Bags Piled
For The Execution
Throw Em In A Ditch
Thats How We Does Em
But They Still Choosing
To Go Against The Case
And They End Up Losing

(Oldie Plays: Donnie Elbert-Have I Sinned)

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